At Helms Capital, we address the need for more economical, higher quality, and sustainable homes. One of our main focuses is energy performance, taking the appropriate measures on each project to not only produce homes of higher quality, but environmentally sustainable ones with higher energy performances.

Our experience in the regeneration of properties into homes has allowed us to utilise our knowledge of current government guidelines and targets related to energy performance. This allows us to produce a long term environmentally sustainable asset which drives towards government environmental targets and would prevent the need for further works related to energy performance. By taking this into account, not only do we produce a home of better quality, we produce an even more cost-effective asset, protecting the yield and ensuring that your long-term investment is a sustainable one.

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Helms Capital

We specialise in finding and modernising the right investment property. We follow the process from start to finish, from acquisition to regeneration, to selling or letting and maintaining.

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