For any property we regenerate, we aim to deliver the best results, whether this be for a long-term investment or an expedite sale. As part of our investment package, our team will provide a cost for the refurbishment of the asset as well as an overview of the intended works based on our team’s assessment. This takes into account every aspect of the building to determine the appropriate measures not only to increase its value and improve its energy performance, but also to prevent the necessity for any maintenance expenses if the asset is being treated as a long-term investment, thus protecting the yield and ensuring maximum returns.

When it comes to completion of the project itself, our team of highly qualified contractors manage all elements and stages of the process, from design and planning to building checks and final inspections. From the initial inspection to signing off the completed project, we communicate with our clients frequently to ensure that they are fully updated and satisfied with progression of the works. Our team’s experience in all aspects enables us to ensure that the work is carried swiftly, efficiently, and to the highest standards, producing you with a final result of a cosmetically improved home of higher quality.

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Helms Capital

We specialise in finding and modernising the right investment property. We follow the process from start to finish, from acquisition to regeneration, to selling or letting and maintaining.

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