At Helms Capital, we identify what we believe is the best suitable property for our clients needs. Whether they are looking to have a steady and secure cash flow through buy-to-let, or obtain a larger and more immediate profit with buy-to-sell, we will tailor to their needs.

Our experience in buying throughout the UK has allowed us to build our extensive knowledge of what the anticipated yields and returns can be expected.
The team will source for potential investment opportunities through standard search portals coupled with our pricing expertise.
There are thousands of properties that are advertised on the market each day in the UK. We pride ourselves on finding those with high value potential.

Once a suitable property is sourced, we can present you with a detailed investment package, backed up with market data which will fully support the opportunity.
When work is required, our team will give a detailed estimate of the refurbishment cost. We will then lead the negotiations in securing the property for you at the right price through our calculations which will be shown in our presentation.

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Helms Capital

We specialise in finding and modernising the right investment property. We follow the process from start to finish, from acquisition to regeneration, to selling or letting and maintaining.

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